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Summary of QHF Grant Awards ~ 2014 - 2015 Grant Cycle

Previously Funded Grantees

Access Carroll, Inc.
Access Carroll, Inc., a non-profit organization, has provided primary health care at no charge to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured residents of Carroll County since January 31, 2005.  The mission of Access Carroll is to improve pathways to health care for low-income and at-risk residents of Carroll County. The organization is the only fulltime safety-net provider in Carroll County and serves as a model for patient-centered and integrated care for qualifying patients.  Access Carroll is a strategic partnership of Carroll County Health Department, Carroll Hospital Center, the Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County, Inc., and many other organizations and individuals representing the faith community, social service agencies, private charities, and the public at large. 

A grant of $30,000 supports the Pharmaceutical Management Program by partially funding the salary of the Pharmacy Manager. This program focuses on addressing chronic disease prevention, maintenance and education and will secure over $1 million in medications free of charge from pharmaceutical companies for the patients. 
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Channel Marker, Inc.
Founded in 1982, Channel Marker, Inc.’s mission is to promote mental health by providing prevention programs, rehabilitation and community services to individuals and their families. The organization provides community-based psychiatric support and rehabilitation services to individuals of all ages who are diagnosed with mental illness and reside in Talbot, Caroline and Dorchester counties.

A grant of $40,000 was awarded to expand the Client Wellness/Health Home Program.  A care manager will work with the clients to emphasize health promotion, illness intervention and prevention practices.  The focus of the program this year is on evaluating baseline data to establish best practices for management of chronic disease for these patients. 
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For All Seasons, Inc.
For All Seasons, Inc. (FAS), a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, was founded in 1986 and became a licensed outpatient mental health clinic in 2000.  FAS provides a full continuum of mental health treatment and supportive services to residents of the Mid-Shore through a 24/7 Hotline and strategically located offices in Kent, Queen Anne’s, Caroline, Talbot and Dorchester counties. The organization is committed to providing care to individuals and families with mental illness regardless of their ability to pay.

A grant of $30,000 supports the Behavioral Health and Rape Crisis Center and will be used to provide mental health evaluations and therapeutic treatment sessions for people who are not eligible for victim grants and who are uninsured. 
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Frederick County Hepatitis Clinic, Inc.
The Frederick County Hepatitis Clinic, Inc. (FCHC) has been a 501 (c) (3) non-profit clinic since 2000.  Its mission is to provide access to care to people with viral hepatitis.  The program offers free hepatitis screening at local organizations and treatment to patients confirmed with a quantitative infection of HBV and/or HCV at the FCHC.  Project goals are to identify persons infected with viral hepatitis as early in the course of their disease as possible and to provide these individuals with access to care.

A grant of $40,000 supports the Hepatitis Screening, Evaluation and Treatment Program and provides services free of charge to uninsured, underinsured and working poor individuals infected with viral hepatitis in Frederick County. 
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Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.
Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc. (H.O.P.E., Inc.) has faithfully served the poor and homeless of the Tri-County area of the Eastern Shore of for 14 years. The organization has been the only street level outreach to the poor and homeless community of Salisbury, MD.  In 2007, H.O.P.E., Inc., as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) agncy, continued to serve the poor and the at-risk homeless population.  Working in camps, on the street, at the Day Center, in the office, and through soup kitchens and shelters, the organization provides support, guidance, and comfort to those in need.

A grant of $45,000 provides staff support for the Health Outreach Ministry and allows the organization to serve approximately 2,500 to 3,000 clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The organization attends to the social and medical needs of their clients, and operates a clinic that provides flu shots, tuberculosis testing, and blood pressure screening. 
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Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
In 1988, the Maryland State Dental Association created the Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, a 501 (c) (3) organization.  In the same year, the Donated Dental Services program was established. The sole purpose of the Foundation is to facilitate the provision of pro bono dental care for Maryland citizens who are disabled, cannot afford treatment, and are ineligible for public aid.  The mission of the DDS program is to coordinate the provision of dental care for disabled Maryland residents with dentists who provide pro bono care in their own offices.

The grant of $40,000 is used to recruit dentists and dental laboratories for the Donated Dental Services Program and provides case management for the patients.  Approximately 660 patients will receive dental care worth approximately $1.2 million dollars.  For every dollar invested in the program, patients receive over $7 in donated dental services. 
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New Grantees

Breathe DC, Inc.
Breathe DC received 501 (c)(3) status in October 2011.  The organization collaborates with partners to reach and serve residents which are most in need of lung health education services.  Two of its primary initiatives have been to reduce the negative effects of environmental tobacco smoke in public housing; and teach children how to identify their asthma triggers, recognize the signs of an impending asthmatic episode and the importance and proper use of medications.

The grant award of $35,000 supports the “Breathe EASY” asthma home visiting program.  The home environment is assessed of children whose asthma is severe and provides tools and services to reduce exposure to known asthma triggers in the home. The program will be expanded to residents of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

Breathe DC received the Goldgeier Award.  This award is in memory of Dr. Sheldon Goldgeier, former member and chairman of the QHF Board of Directors who devoted much of his practice to the treatment of pulmonary disease. 
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The establishment of DeafMD took three years of self-funded design and development using five volunteers, four of whom are deaf.  It remains a strictly volunteer program. 

A grant of $20,000 was awarded to DeafMD to increase the deaf community’s knowledge of diabetes, including cause, symptoms, diagnosis, care, prevention and management, through a series of health education videos.  The information is posted on the organization’s website with links to videos in American Sign Language.  In addition, the funding will allow the organization to share its work with deaf organizations across the United States and license the videos hospitals and health clinics, creating sustainability. 
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Doctors Community Hospital Foundation
Doctors Community Hospital (DCH) was founded in 1975.  It is a private, not-for-profit facility located in Lanham and is a modern 207-licensed bed institution with services ranging from advanced diagnostic imaging and cardiology, to state-of-the-art robotic surgery.  In addition to a medical staff of more than 500 physicians, DCH is supported by 460 volunteers who contribute approximately 20,000 hours annually.  Established in 1991, Doctors Community Hospital Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit supporting organization to DCH.

DCH received a grant of $25,000 to support the “On the Road Diabetes Self-Management Program.”  A bi-lingual nurse will be hired to expand the program to the Latino populations throughout Prince Georges County.  The program will include free diabetes education, patient navigation and follow-up services, dedicated equipment and outreach. 
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Peninsula Regional Medical Center Foundation
Peninsula General Medical Foundation, a non-profit corporation, was established to raise funds for program expansion, capital projects, and medical/diagnostic equipment and to support educational programs and community health/wellness initiatives associated with Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PMRC).  A non-profit facility, PMRC is a 116-year-old, fully accredited Joint Commission tertiary care facility.

A grant of $50,000 supports the Improving Outcomes of the Local High Risk Renal Population through the Use of Incentives Program.  This initiative links appropriate incentives to measureable outcomes that are directly related to slowing the progression of the disease.  Incentives encourage compliance with treatment programs, thereby reducing healthcare costs.
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Salisbury University
The Lower Shore Early Intervention Program (LSEIP) is a grant funded program through Maryland State Department of Education and is a program of the Lower Shore Child Care Resource Center (LSCCRC), which is sponsored by the Salisbury University’s Seidel School of Education and Professional Studies. LSCCRC has been in existence since 2000 and is one of 12 child care resource centers in the state of Maryland serving child care providers, parents and children enrolled in licensed care.  LSEIP was established in 2007 and serves children in Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset counties attending licensed childcare who are exhibiting behavior concerns.

A grant of $20,000 provides support for the Lower Shore Early Intervention Program which addresses behavioral and developmental concerns exhibited in childcare settings which impact the child’s functioning.  The funds will be used for the Visiting Intervention portion of the program and will provide consultative services to families and children with behavioral and mental health needs who are not enrolled in licensed daycare programs. 
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Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention
The Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention has been in existence since 1992.  It is the only organization in Talbot County dedicated solely to mobilizing the community on issues pertaining to substance abuse prevention. 

A grant of $20,000 supports the Heroin, Prescription and Synthetic Drug Prevention Programwhich focuses on prevention and early intervention from the new risks associated with heroin, prescription drug abuse and synthetic drugs.  For every $1 invested in the program, $2 to $10 will be saved in health costs, criminal and juvenile justice costs, educational costs, lost productivity and other costs. 
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