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Summary of QHF Grant Awards ~ 2011 - 2012 Grant Cycle

Continuation Grantees

Help and Outreach Point of Entry (H.O.P.E.)
A grant of $40,000 to Help and Outreach Point of Entry will permit the organization to continue to provide access at a single point of entry to all of the services required to address to social and medical needs of homeless people in Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset Counties.  In addition, H.O.P.E. provides a free health screening clinic that focuses on blood pressure screening and flu shots.  Tuberculosis testing and Hepatitis vaccines are also provided.  To achieve its mission, H.O.P.E. collaborates with numerous organizations and businesses and anticipates reaching 1,000 to 1,500 homeless individuals during the grant period.  Funds will be used to pay part-time salaries for an Executive Director/Outreach Coordinator, an Outreach Worker and other administrative costs.

University of Maryland Medical System Foundation (UMMS)
Funding in the amount of $30,000 will be provided to UMMS in memory of Dr. Sheldon Goldgeier to continue support for the Children’s Breathmobile Program. The Breathmobile is a free mobile asthma clinic that travels to schools in Baltimore to treat underserved children.  Services include testing for allergies to identify asthma triggers, lung function testing, providing asthma medications for the children and preventive asthma education for the children and their families, and school health personnel. The goal of the program is to improve asthma control and quality of life for these children by increasing their adherence to preventive asthma medication regimens and decreasing Emergency Room visits, hospitalizations, and missed school days due to asthma. Approximately 500 children will be treated every 6 to 12 weeks. The unit began operation at Baltimore City Schools in March 2002 and has served over 1700 children with asthma at over 50 locations including inner city elementary and middle schools, Headstart centers and a Latino community center. 

Invited Grantees

Access Carroll, Inc.
Access Carroll provides primary health care at no charge to low-income and uninsured residents of Carroll County. As a full-time safety net provider in the county, the organization serves as a model for patient-centered care and a medical home for the targeted population.  A grant of $49,738 will be provided to Access Carroll to continue its healthcare program.  Funds will be used specifically for the continuation and expansion of the medication coordination position, whose role is to acquire medications on behalf of patients through Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) directly from pharmaceutical programs.  It is anticipated that the Medical Coordinator will acquire than $1.1 million in chronic disease medications.  Since implementation in 2006, the position has more than acquired 55 times its annual salary value with the acquisition of $2,235,866 in chronic disease medications which were provided to patients at no cost.

Community of Hope
The mission of the Community of Hope is to improve the health and quality of life of low-income, homeless, and underserved families and individuals in the District of Columbia by providing healthcare, housing with supportive services, educational opportunities, and spiritual support. The Organization will receive a grant in the amount of $30,000 to support its case management program to provide support services for patients who have chronic health conditions that are further exacerbated by significant or daunting life stressors or life crises.  The funding will directly impact 100 patients at the health center by providing services needed to increase medical adherence and improve health outcomes.

For All Seasons, Inc.
For All Seasons, Inc. was founded in 1986 to provide community awareness and education regarding child and adult sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault. While continuing its original purpose, the organization has evolved into a multifaceted human services organization providing a full continuum of mental health treatment and supportive services to residents of the Mid-Shore through a 24/7 Hotline and strategically located offices in Kent, Queen Anne’s, Caroline, Talbot and Dorchester Counties.  A grant of $36,000 will be awarded to For All Seasons which is the only private, not-for-profit licensed outpatient mental health clinic in these counties. The clinic is committed to providing care to individuals and families with mental illness regardless of their ability to pay. The funding will allow for 522 mental health evaluations and psychotherapeutic sessions to 87 uninsured or underinsured clients. 

Village of Hope
The Village of Hope will receive a grant of $30,000 to assist in providing accessible, affordable primary medical care to medically underserved adults on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  The program targets three interrelated problem areas: providing primary health care for adults with no primary care provider; treatment of adults with diabetes; and treatment of adults with hypertension. Through this grant, services will be made available to 60new patients, providing them with office visits, lab work, emergency medications and startup diabetic supplies.

New Grantees

Catastrophic Health Planners, Inc.
Catastrophic Health Planners, a Columbia, MD based not-for-profit organization, provides free education, support and referrals for improving the quality of life of individuals and families facing a catastrophic health event.  A grant of $25,000 will support efforts to share information and provide assistance in the form of personal counseling; support groups; financial planning; Social Security Disability and social services; and medical, accounting, legal and insurance services. The organization also helps patients with basic needs, including housing assistance, food stamps, and utility assistance. The grant will allow Catastrophic Health Planners to increase its caseload from 250 to 375 patients per month.  Support is provided free of charge, and each patient is given individualized care.

KidsSmiles will receive $30,000 to support its DC Education Outreach Program.  This program provides children in under-served communities with preventive and restorative dental care and innovative health education programs focusing on the prevention of dental disease and the development of positive personal behaviors.  The funds will be used to send a registered dental hygienist to provide dental screenings and oral health education to approximately 1,500 children through partnerships with eight elementary schools and 16 Head Start programs.

Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
A grant in the amount of $20,000 will be awarded to Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped to support its Donated Dental Services program which provides pro bono dental care for indigent disabled Maryland citizens.  The funds will be used to manage the cases of 650 needy, disabled individuals who will receive over $950,000 in dental care.  Since inception of the program in 1988, volunteer dentists and laboratories have provided over $11.7 million in donated dental services to 7,386 disabled Maryland residents.

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC
A grant of $21,700 to Planned Parenthood of Washington, DC will be used to help the organization implement SecuReach, an automated patient communications system, in five health centers.  This system will allow the organization to respond to the current crises in HIV and other sexually transmitted infections by removing the barriers to timely testing and results notification. Patients will receive critical test results in a more efficient, timely, confidential and patient-centered manner. Using the SecuReach System, patients will be able to immediately retrieve their test results anytime during the day or night at their convenience.  Results for approximately 24,000 tests annually will be handled by the system.  

Prevent Blindness Mid-Atlantic
Prevent Blindness Mid-Atlantic will receive a grant of $50,000 to support its Starpupils™ Signature School Based Vision Screening program. The “best practices” from this program will be used to train and certify school nurses, pediatric nurses and volunteers across the nation. Prevent Blindness Mid-Atlantic will use one of the best practices to train and certify 60 school nurses and/or clinic aides for mandated school vision screenings in Charles, Garrett and Worcester Counties. Approximately 11,200 children in kindergarten to eighth or ninth eighth grade will be screened using the Starpupils protocol.

Shepherd’s Clinic
A grant of $30,000 will be awarded to Shepherd’s Clinic for salary support for clinical, behavioral health and Joy Wellness Center coordinator positions.  Shepherd’s Clinic is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive health care for Baltimore’s uninsured. Clinic services include cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, diabetic nutrition, internal medicine, physical therapy, podiatry and psychiatric care. This past year, Shepherd’s Clinic established the Joy Wellness Center, where volunteers provide a wide range of healing arts and modalities, including yoga, massage therapy, nutrition education, acupuncture and smoking cessation and wellness counseling. Visits to the clinic, which is located in one of the unhealthiest neighborhoods in Baltimore City, according to the Baltimore City Health Department, increased by 364 last year. A larger increase is anticipated this year with a total of 6,400 patient visits expected.  Patients are encouraged to donate an hour’s wage for an office visit; $9 if unemployed.  Patients are offered free or reduced cost medications.