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Summary of QHF Grant Awards ~ 2009 - 2010 Grant Cycle

Continuation Grant

Village of Hope – Salisbury, MD
A grant of $50,000 to the Village of Hope will continue the effort to diagnose and treat Metabolic Syndrome in the disadvantaged and medically underserved population of Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore. This project has already resulted in improvement in patient compliance.  The funds will be used for laboratory blood studies, patient medications, medical equipment, educational materials, and professional and administrative time associated with the project.

New Awards

Baltimore City Health Department – Baltimore, MD 
The Maternal and Infant Nursing Program will be funded at $50,000. This program provides home visiting services to the most at-risk pregnant women and infants in Baltimore City, in order to reduce poor birth outcomes. The funds will be used to adapt an evidenced-based home visiting curriculum, Partners for a Healthy Baby, to the unique needs, culture and resources of Baltimore City families.  The authors of the program, as well as experts from Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore City Health Department, will participate in the adaptation.  The curriculum will be used for all enrollees of the Maternal and Infant Health Program; approximately 800 women annually.

Family Voices – Washington, DC
Family Voices will receive $25,000 for families of children with special needs, living in DC, who face major obstacles when trying to access health care services.  This program will increase a family's access to clear, accurate information and emotional support when matched with trained supporting families who share similar circumstances and who have successfully navigated the service delivery system.  The goal is for parents of children with special needs to attend one of the ten training sessions so that a total of 100 parents will obtain the skills necessary to support other parents of children with special needs.  After the initial training, supporting parents will receive regular updates to keep them current on the latest information about support programs and policy.

For All Seasons – Easton, MD
A grant of $20,000 will support the organization's commitment to provide psychiatric assessments/evaluations and psychotherapy to uninsured children, adolescents and/or adults.  For All Seasons is the only private, nonprofit outpatient mental health clinic and community crisis center serving Maryland's mid-shore counties.  A significant portion of the clients are uninsured or underinsured, which serves as a barrier for seeking treatment.  Without easily accessible mental health services, individuals often self medicate with illicit substances and alcohol, fall into the criminal justice system and/or place a drain on overburdened community resources.

Frederick County Hepatitis Clinic – Frederick, MD
Frederick County Hepatitis Clinic’s grant of $50,000 will expand health care provider hours, thereby increasing client capacity and covering unremunerated costs associated with casework management and educational programming.  The Clinic provides comprehensive treatment to unserved, vulnerable populations with chronic viral hepatitis, including: the indigent and medically indigent; the chemically dependent; the mentally ill; and the HIV co-infected.  Comprehensive healthcare includes the following best-practice approaches:  antiviral treatment for selected patients, rigorous patient safety monitoring, and client-centered counseling to promote the adoption of liver-healthy life-style choices.  The grant will increase annual treatments by 60 percent, from 1,000 to 1,600.

Mission of Mercy – Frederick, MD
A grant of $50,000, combined with grant funds provided by Kaiser Permanente and the Community Foundation of Frederick County, Mission of Mercy’s program will be expanded by about ten percent, providing over 10,800 free medical visits and dispensing over 22,800 free prescription medications.  An additional staff physician will add two additional clinic days per month.  Services will be provided to those with no health insurance and limited financial resources.