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QHF Grant of $25,000 will Help to Educate and Inform Low-Income Residents of Montgomery County on How to Improve Their Health and Access to Resources

Community Ministries The Community Ministries of Rockville received $25,000 from QHF for its Mansfield Kaseman Health Clinic which provides quality healthcare and healthcare education to Montgomery County’s low income uninsured and underinsured residents. The grant will fund a portion of staff costs to increase access to culturally and linguistically appropriate care, reaching underserved populations and improving dissemination of health information.

Behavioral and Developmental Concerns of Underserved Children Assisted by $40,000 QHF Grant

Salisbury University Salisbury University received $40,000 for the Lower Shore Early Intervention Program which addresses behavioral and developmental concerns of underserved children from birth to five years of age. The funds will be used expand the Visiting Intervention portion of the program to provide consultative services to families and children with behavioral and mental health needs who are not enrolled in licensed daycare programs. The program helps parents with intervention strategies for their children as well as assistance in navigating community resources.

QHF Awards Saint Vincent DePaul Society $11,000 Grant

Saint Vincent
Quality Health Foundation Board Members award a check for $11,000 to volunteers to buy at walk-in refrigerator for the food pantry at the St. Vincent de Paul Center on Canvasback Drive in Easton. From left to right: Alex Handy and Gloria Freihage, St. Vincent de Paul; Jane Kasper and Brenda Crabbs, Quality Health Foundation; and Kathy Weaver, St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry Manager. (photo: David Morrell, QHF)
QHF board members Brenda Crabbs and Jane Kasper recently visited the Saint Vincent DePaul Society Center in Easton, Maryland to award the organization an $11,000 grant to buy a walk-in refrigerator. “We are thrilled to have the support of the Quality Health Foundation to purchase this refrigerator,” said Alex Handy, President of SVDP. “This will allow us to keep perishables for a longer period of time to get more food in the hands of those who are hungry,” added Kathy Weaver, Director of the Food Pantry.

The refrigerator will allow the food pantry to extend the life of the food donations they receive and provide for the needy in Talbot County, Maryland who they serve from their expanding facility on Canvasback Drive. They have approximately 300 volunteers, of which around 200 are actively involved in operations. Last year they provided $170,000 supporting the poor in the County and over half of that amount was for food distributed through the Food Pantry.


These groups often contribute to higher health care costs due to poor education, neglected chronic health issues, and/or frequent emergency room visits.

We are excited to be able to support their efforts and greatly appreciate the service that they provide to needy families and individuals in Talbot Couunty.

Anne Arundel Ride Sharing Program Gets a Lift of $18,000 from QHF to Allow Seniors to Remain Independent and Engaged in the Community

Partners in CareFor Partners in Care, $18,000 was awarded to support the Ride Sharing Program in Anne Arundel County. This program provides access to health care and other important destinations for older adults to remain independent in their homes and engaged in the community. Volunteers use their own cars to provide no-monetary-cost rides for trips to doctor visits, hospitals, pharmacies, and other destinations as well as provide other one-on-one, person–centered services to seniors.

$25,000 Grant to N Street Village Will Help Approximately 1,000 Women

N Street Village N Street Village, Inc. is a community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women in the District of Columbia. A grant of $25,000 will provide comprehensive services addressing both emergency and long-term need to approximately 1,000 women. The result is that these women achieve personal stability and make life-changing gains in housing, income, employment, mental health, physical health, and addiction recovery.

DeafMD Videos Supported by QHF Grants Help to Educate and Inform Deaf Community on Heart Health

Deaf MD 2016A grant of $25,000 was awarded to DeafMD to produce a series of health education videos in American Sign Language to increase the deaf community’s knowledge of cardiovascular health including cause, symptoms, diagnosis, management, care and prevention of the disease. The videos will reach over 100,000 sign language dependent deaf individuals with clear, concise, and accurate health information in their primary and preferred language. For many, sign language dependent deaf individuals, English is experienced as a second language, with the average English literacy at about the fourth grade level. Even Deaf college graduates demonstrate a high risk for low health literacy when tested on basic medical terminology. The funds are being used to produce videos to provide health education for deaf individuals in American Sign Language, their primary and preferred language.

Goldgeier Award Given to the Myrtle Tyler Faithful Fund to Engage Older Adults in Health Education

Myrtle Tyler Faithful FundThe Myrtle Tyler Faithful Fund, Inc. received the annual Goldgeier Award with a grant of $40,000 for the Zeta Healthy Aging Program. The Partnership engages older adults in health education and self-empowering activities and provides a non-threatening environment for seniors to interact with health agencies and professionals and to engage in health education, self-empowering sessions, screenings, one-on-one consultations, and small group learning sessions.


Power Up Your Pantry is able to Provide Cooking and Nutrition Classes for the Homeless with Assistance from QHF Grant

A grant of $10,000 was awarded to Light House for its Power Up Your Pantry Program. This program provides cooking and nutrition classes in Spanish and English to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Participants receive free groceries and cooking utensils. This comprehensive nutrition program is designed to improve health outcomes that can lead to increased self-sufficiency and improved quality of life.


QHF Grant of $35,000 to the Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped Improves Access to Dental Care for Low Income Adults

Maryland Foundation of DentistryThe Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped (MFDH) was awarded $35,000 to support the Donated Dental Services Program that improves access to dental care by providing free dental services to low-income adults who are disabled by illness or injury. MFDH recruits dentists and dental laboratories and provides case management for the patients. Over $1 million in donated dental services will be provided to more than 400 eligible patients.


Grant Expands Diabetes Evaluation Program In High Risk Areas of Prince George's County

Diabetes Evaluation ProgramOn the topic of diabetes, Doctors Community Hospital Fondation recieved $25,000 to continue support for the Latino outreach program throughout Prince George's County and expand the On the Road Diabetes Self-Management Program into high-risk areas. The funds will also support the evaluation component of the program to assess its success during the past two years to determine if the participants are managing their diabetes at home with proper education and support long term.


Free Hepatitis Screening for Frederick County Residents Supported by $38,000 QHF Grant

Frederick County ResidentsA grant of $38,000 was awarded to the Frederick County Hepatitis Clinic, Inc., for its Hepatitis Screening, Evaluation and Treatment Program. The funds will be used to provide comprehensive care to uninsured, underinsured, and working poor individuals infected with viral hepatitis.


QHF Grant to For All Seasons Provides Evaluations and Mental Health Services to Uninsured Not Eligible for Victim Grants on the Mid-Shore of Delmarva Peninsula

Client InterviewFor All Seasons, Inc.—a licensed outpatient mental health clinic with offices in Kent, Queen Anne’s, Caroline, Talbot and Dorchester counties—provides a full continuum of mental health services for underserved children, adolescents, adults, and families without regard to their ability to pay. A grant of $20,000 will provide mental health evaluations and therapeutic treatment sessions for people who are not eligible for victim grants and who are uninsured.


$40,000 Grant to Channel Marker Will Go a Long Way to Improving Mental Health on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Blood Pressure ReadingQHF awarded a grant of $40,000 to Channel Marker, Inc., a mental health support agency serving Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot counties, to support its Health Home Program. The funds will be used for a nurse care manager and health educator who will work with clients and psychiatric rehabilitation staff to emphasize health promotion, illness prevention, and prevention practices.

Through the Client Wellness/Health Home Program, a registered nurse and a health educator work with the clients and psychiatric rehabilitation staff to emphasize health promotion, illness intervention and prevention practices. The main points of the Health Home model are Comprehensive Care Management, Comprehensive Transitional Care, Individual and Family Support Services, Care Coordination, Health Promotion and Referral to Community and Social Support Services. A consulting Nurse Practitioner reviews the assessments and collaborates with a Registered Nurse on risk factors, and population management and gives feedback on treatment priorities.  This information is then used to determine a nursing care plan for the client that ultimately is used to advocate for and to collaborate with the primary care provider and specialists.


Salisbury HOPE Ministry Continues to Serve the City’s Poor and Homeless with the Assistance of QHF

Diabetic TeachingFor Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc. in Salisbury, Maryland, $40,000 will support the Health Outreach Ministry which serves approximately 2,500 clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. These clients will receive medical assessments; health education and screening; referrals for healthcare treatment; financial assistance to purchase health related items; and assistance to obtain social services.

For 15 years HOPE has faithfully served the poor and homeless of Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester counties of the Eastern Shore of Maryland under the direction of Donna Clark RN, Executive Director. The two part-time paid staff members and 21volunteers help clients gain an understanding of their health issues through education. This empowers clients with the knowledge necessary to make changes to improve their lifestyle and gain control of their lives.


QHF Grant to Access Carroll, Inc. Helps to Continue Getting Needed Prescriptions to Clients in Need

Medical home consultationA grant of $25,000 provided to Access Carroll, Inc., a patient-centered and integrated medical home for low-income residents of Carroll County, will support the costs of the Pharmaceutical Management Program. This program focuses on addressing chronic disease treatment, prevention, maintenance, and education and secures medications free of charge from pharmaceutical companies for these patients.


QHF is pleased to continue funding Access Carroll this year.  They have a wonderful program and we remain impressed with the work they do.  According to their 4th quarter report, they have served 3,766 clients this year and acquired $24,510 worth of pharmaceuticals through the Patient Assistance Program.  Like many other programs, they are challenged by the changes in the health care system.  They have worked hard to get their population onto electronic medical records and obtain pharmacy benefits for their clients.  A dip in supply of free medication coming  through the various pharmaceutical companies  has challenged their resources and caused a change in the way they must serve their customers.  Like many of the organizations serving the underserved, they have found good situations and not-so-good situations from the changes brought about by ACA.  Access Carroll, however, has remained a resilient model for delivery of health care to the underserved."

QHS and QHF Leaders Share Their Thoughts about the Value of QHF Grants

During the Annual QHF Grant Award Program in July, Board leadership from both QHF and QHS shared their thoughts about this year’s grantees and the value of the program.

“We are pleased to single out these organizations for their important quality improvement initiatives,” said Brenda Crabbs, Co-Chair of the QHF Board of Directors. “Their work is perfectly aligned with our mission to improve the health status of individuals and communities. Although the amounts may seem modest, the impact can be great for these 14 charitable organizations.”

Catherine Smoot-Haselnus, QHS Chair said that “the efforts of QHF are instrumental in creating solutions to transform health.”

Molly Burgoyne, Co-Chair of the QHF Board of Directors summed it up by saying: “We are delighted to fund these worthy organizations covering a broad portion of our service area throughout Maryland and Washington, DC.”

All were very quick to recognize that these awards would not be possible if it were not for the efforts of the associates of Delmarva Foundation, Health Integrity, and Quality Health Strategies.

Grant Awards Event

QHF Grant Awards Provide Support to Organizations Transforming Health

Quality Health Foundation (QHF) recently presented 14 organizations in Maryland and the District of Columbia with a total of $406,000 supporting local healthcare-related quality improvement efforts. These funds are used to provide support to programs that have direct impact on the lives of people within the community. The award range in value from $10,000 to $40,000 and the programs were selected based on the potential to impact access to quality healthcare and human services in the community.

Each year QHF sends out a Request for Grant Applications across Maryland and the District of Columbia to invite organizations to submit proposals. A team reviews the applications and selects the project which they feel will have the greatest impact for the dollars provided. The funds are provided by Quality Health Strategies as a result of the efforts of Delmarva Foundation and Health Integrity, its subsidiary not-for-profit companies.

Grant Awards Event
Caption: Quality Health Strategies Chair, Dr. Catherine Smoot-Haselus congratulates grant awardees during the awards event.